410 7th St, Paw Paw, IL

About Us

About Us

Ministry of the Word

We are a group of Christians who are united to bring glory to God, spiritual growth to individuals, and the gospel of Jesus to the world. There is a reason we are called a Bible Church; the Bible is the foundation of our faith and worship. As a result, our varied ministries focus on providing instruction and counsel from God’s Word. Though it is indeed an ancient book, it is refreshingly relevant to life today. A wise man once said, “I believe in Christianity like I believe the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but by it I see everything else.” In the same way, the Bible lets us “see everything else.” In the tumultuous world that we live in, the truth of God’s Word is an anchor for our souls.

When Jesus walked the earth, he ministered to people of all ages. In that spirit, we offer ministries directed to the young and “formerly young” alike. Our Sunday School includes classes for both kids and adults. During our morning worship service, a “Children’s Church” is offered that explains the message of Scripture in ways accessible to kids, while a nursery is available to allow mom and dad to focus during the worship service. On alternate Saturdays, we have a youth group where youth from 6th grade through high school can learn about God, develop meaningful relationships, and have a lot of fun.

What We Believe

The following is list of basic beliefs held by Paw Paw Bible Church. While doctrine is vitally important, Christianity is much greater than a list of doctrinal statements. We invite you to visit us and see how these truths are lived out in a community of faithful believers.

  • The Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God and is our only rule for faith and practice.
  • God is one God, existing in three equal, distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Every person is separated from God because of his/her sin and as such is destined for eternal punishment. Yet, Jesus Christ paid the penalty of sin by his death on the cross and his salvation is available to all who respond to him in faith.
  • Those who do trust Jesus as their Savior look forward to eternity with him in heaven, in sinless perfection.
  • Jesus will return and set up his kingdom here on earth. We look forward and anticipate his coming.
  • It is the church’s mission to reach all corners of the earth with the message of Christ’s salvation.
  • Believer’s Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are ordinances that each believer should take part in, but are in no way a requirement for salvation.

Pastor Jed

Pastor Jedidiah Cary and his wife Joella came to serve at Paw Paw Bible Church on October 15, 2017. Originally they are from Sequim, Washington, where they loved to explore God’s creation through hiking, biking and backpacking. Jed also liked to rock climb and Joella liked working in her garden every chance she could get. They served in a small church there, with Jed as the assistant pastor for 9 years.

Pastor Jed Cary

Then Jed felt called to continue his education at Moody Bible Institute and they arrived in Chicago in January of 2015. In 2017, as a senior in the Pastoral Studies program, Jed started looking for opportunities to preach. He heard through a fellow Moody student that Paw Paw Bible Church needed someone to pulpit supply while they were looking for a pastor. So, for three Sundays in April and early May, they made the hour and a half drive to Paw Paw. By the third Sunday, they felt like God was leading them to submit a resume for the pastoral call committee’s consideration.

To make a long story short, God did open the doors for them to come to Paw Paw Bible Church. Currently Jed commutes one day a week to Moody Theological Seminary to continue his education with a Masters in Pastoral Studies. As the pastor of Paw Paw Bible Church, his focus right now is investing time in getting to know the people within the church so that he can better shepherd them.